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Merry's Memories

Admin | Опубликовано Чт Апр 07, 2022 12:19 pm | 83 Просмотров

Outside the window to which Meri approached, the rain pounded softly. Raindrops reflected like diamonds from the sunlight on the glass, sliding silently down. With a languid glance at the sun breaking through the dark clouds, Meri sank into memories of the past.

Observing the autumn landscape, the woman involuntarily compared her relationship to the changing seasons. Warming like the spring sun was her relationship with Alexander Sheps. She was young and naive, believed every word he said. Soon a painful cold breakup. Faith in a future with Mark Hansen, but he didn't live up to Mary's expectations either.

- Mama, look what I drew," came an unexpectedly gentle child's voice, pushing Meri out of her world of memories.

- It's beautiful," the woman replied with feline tenderness.

- You're a good girl, my little star," Mary smiled, stroking her son's head.

The happy boy, elated with the joy of success, ran off to paint another masterpiece.

Approaching the crib in which her newborn son was sleeping, Mary said softly:

- "We're going to be all right.

The family idyll was suddenly interrupted by the sound of a text message:

- I miss you...

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