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    Outside the window to which Meri approached, the rain pounded softly. Raindrops reflected like diamonds from the sunlight on the glass, sliding silently down. With a languid glance at the sun breaking through the dark clouds, Meri sank into memories of the past.

    Observing the autumn landscape, the woman involuntarily compared her relationship to the changing seasons. Warming like the spring sun was her relationship with...
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    Bitva extrasensov  (Russian: Битва экстрасенсов) — Battle of the Psychics — the Russian TNT TV channel, filmed in the format of the British TV show Britain's Psychic Challenge.

    Production company: LLC "Kefir production"

    America's Psychic Challenge was a competitive reality TV series on the Lifetime Television Network. The show originated in the UK with the title Britain's Psychic Challenge. Bunim/Murray Productions produced the American version for Lifetime TV.

    During a national search of thousands, sixteen self-professed psychics were interviewed and...
  • 20220405
    In 2007, an entertaining television project "Battle of Psychics" appeared on Russian television, telling about a person's ability to see more than is given to other people. Basically, the British program "Britain's Psychic Challenge". The first season aired on TNT on February 25, 2007. The TV project "Battle of Psychics" has been gaining both fans and critics for 13 years, but it does not lose relevance for society.

    In the "Battle of Psychics" project, the viewer chooses his favorite of the new season, empathizes with the participants and, after the tests, waits with interest for who...
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